ArchDevelop is a company that has been working for a long time with a basic investor's tool - the real estate market. In the financial world, real estate has long been considered the most stable and long-term source of profit, saving money.

Whatever arguments are brought by financiers about other financing instruments, real estate is the shelter of a person, his house, where he lives and there he grows children. Housing will always be a man. Anyone who has real estate can always rely on a stable source of income.

But stop - and those who do not have it and can not afford to buy what to do in this case?

ArchDevelop tried to solve this issue and now cooperating with us each person can afford to make money on real estate without investing fabulous amounts, as well as to rid himself of all the problems associated with the operations of renting and selling real estate.

Now investing with us you get a piece of profit from renting and selling thousands of objects around the world.


We will examine in more detail where you are investing money:

Buying an apartment and renting it on a monthly basis.

The most popular way to earn money on real estate. Any person to ask "how to make money on real estate" will immediately answer - hand it over on a monthly basis. Offers from the tenants are quite a lot - you need only weed out those that are not suitable in your opinion. Here you can include the option of renting a room in an apartment or in a hostel.

Buying an apartment and renting it out daily.

A more interesting way of earning an apartment. It assumes almost daily display of apartments, settling, eviction and cleaning. The best contingent for renting an apartment is business travelers, travelers. Unsuitable contingent - it's fans of nightclubs and other amateurs of recreational activities who want to rent an apartment in order to have a good time. What else are good people who came on a business trip is that they often are not populated for one day, but for a week, two, which for them is still much more profitable than living in a hotel. These people, as a rule, have a decent social status and problems with accommodation they do not deliver to anyone.

Purchase an apartment for a hostel.

The format of a budget hotel, coming from the west, assumes the rental of a bed in a comfortable apartment. The number of beds can reach 10-12. If you come to mind with a hostel with a large number of migrant workers - it's not at all. The hostel is a premise with very good repair of the European level and with all conveniences, populate there, basically, Russian. Most of the clients are travelers and travelers. Hostel - an excellent solution for those who need to stay overnight, but there is no desire to give a large amount for an apartment for rent. Renting a bed in a hostel in the regions is 400-500r, so you will agree much cheaper than in any hotel and in a flat for daily rent.

Purchase or construction of a multi-apartment low-rise building for the subsequent resale or rental of apartments.

For those who have significant capital, for sure, I have already estimated the advantages of investing in multi-family houses. In this case, you can create a sort of profitable house where all apartments will be rented on terms of hiring. Building and receiving income from similar houses is quite profitable, and all the more so that with ArchDevelop you will not have to face the difficulties associated with the implementation of such projects. As for the cost of such a house - that is, options for building a budget housing, for example, from the same LSTK.


To investors we offer 4 tariff plans with an income up to 106,5% / for 6 hours.

For Partners

Our company never forgets about the people promoting our business, even the cleaning lady working in our office receives a part of the profit from the person whom she brought to our project. To our partners, we offer 1% of the contribution of the person you listed.